Great Prices for Great Results

Purchasing the one session can be expensive so why not buy a block of sessions as this will work out cheaper in the long run. Having sessions already paid for will help to motivate you and help us concentrate on our long term goal agreed. I can take payment by cash and bank transfer. I can offer a receipt on request for payment. Automatic when it comes to card payment. When you have paid by card I don't store your credit card details.

I can take payment for the session before and after sessions.

Below are the costs that I can offer you.

One Session

  • Money Saved - £0

Eight Sessions

  • Money Saved - £40

Ten Sessions

  • Money Saved - £60
  • 1 FREE Session

Twelve Sessions

  • Money Saved - £90
  • 2 FREE Sessions

Fifteen Sessions

  • Money Saved £120
  • 2 FREE Sessions

Should you have any questions regarding my pricing or perhaps you want a customised package, why don't you contact me today. My prices are great prices to deliver you great results in your workouts.

I will provide you an intensive workout, advice and support unlike other personal trainers.